Dr. Kevin Njabo Named a Speaker for TEDGlobal Conference and named 2017 IoES Pritzker Fellow

Congratulations to SOBA America’s Vice President Emeritus Dr. Kevin Njabo!!! Kevin Njabo, assistant adjunct professor of environmental health sciences at UCLA, has been named a speaker for the TEDGlobal annual conference, which this year will bring together leaders who can shape the future of Africa. Njabo plans to speak about how his life’s journey led […]


Atlanta 2017 Convention: Promise delivered in style!

Soba America Convention 2017: Atlanta Written by Mr. Divine Tange and Edited by Prof. Felix N. Ngassa As early as Wednesday, May 26th, some delegates had already installed themselves in Atlanta. They were treated to some beautiful southern cuisine as well as good music by members of Soba Georgia. The next day, Thursday the 27th, […]


Atlanta is set to host the 2017 National Convention

The Georgia chapter is all set and ready to host the 2017 SOBA America National Convention in Atlanta, GA from May 26th to 28th 2017. Atlanta is the capital of the U.S. state of Georgia. The host chapter for the Soba America 2017 National Convention. Whether you’re a native, first time visitor, business traveler who […]


Carolinas chapter raises money for Scholarship Endowment Fund

SOBA Carolinas has answered the call of duty towards the Scholarship Endowment Fund and raised $2,400. Chapter president, Dr. Bertrand Fote, on December 28th, 2016, made a deposit of $2,300 into the Sasse Alumni Association account towards the fund. $100 had been previously deposited as the donor had written the check in Sasse Alumni Association’s name.   As […]


Carolinas chapter raises the bar on mini-conventions

Carolinas chapter raises the bar on mini-conventions SOBA Carolinas – The Carolinas chapter of SOBA America – staged a masterclass 2016 SOBA America mini-convention from November 11th to 13th 2016. The entire buzz that led SOBANS to converge to the Queen city from all across the US and Canada for the mini-convention was definitely justified […]

SOBA America grieves one of its own – Dr. Roland Iboni

SOBA America  and the  Iboni family regret to announce the death of their beloved son, father, brother, husband and colleague, Dr. Roland Iboni.  He was called to the Lord on November 11th,, 2016 at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX, after suffering a brief stroke. Dr. Iboni was an emergency physician, a great caregiver, an active […]