carolinas miniconvention flyer

Charlotte ready for 2016 Mini-Convention – November 11th to 13th

The 2016 SOBA America Mini-convention shall be hosted by the Carolinas chapter in Charlotte, NC from November 11th to 13th 2016. Dr. Bertrand Fote, President of the Carolinas chapter has affirmed that his chapter is “ready to show SOBANS and their guests an awesome time.” Final preparations are underway for what promises to be a […]

Houston convention delegates - President Itoe and VP Fote with their credentials ready for delibeartions.

Houston 2016- The Most Impactful Convention Yet

I arrived in Houston in the wee hours of Friday May 27, 2016 after my flight from Minneapolis had been delayed and the departure time moved twice. The two and the half hours flight was a bumpy one as Nimbus clouds settled over Southern Texas and refused to move. The forecast was for more storms […]


Houston chapter kicks off 2016 by giving back!

While the luxurious scent of champagne still floated in the air from New Year celebrations, Sasse Old Boys’ Association (SOBA) Houston members kicked off January 2016 with an amazing community service run.  SOBA Houston members, or SOBANS as they are fondly known, are ex-students of St. Joseph’s College, Sasse, a prestigious 75 year old boarding school nestled at the […]

Ode to Montreal 2015

Ode to Montreal 2015

Sobans from the US, Canada and Europe turned out in record numbers for the 25th Anniversary Soba America Convention in Montreal from May 22-24, 2015. At last count, about 100 sobans were present in Montreal (a record!), many of whom came with their spouses. A large proportion also came to Montreal with the entire family […]


Scholarship Endowment Fund

          As the cost of secondary education gets higher and higher despite increasing poverty in Cameroon, many families are left with the tough decision that no parent should have to make – Can I afford to send my son to school or should he stay home so I can feed my […]