Carolinas Chapter helps feed the hungry by volunteering at Food Bank

As a non-profit organization (Sasse Alumni Association), it is important that we do charitable activities in the USA and Canada. Our administration is challenging every chapter to do at least one charitable event annually. The First Lady is also working on an initiative for SOBA America to do a charitable event at our annual national conventions. This is important for a number of reasons.

1.We live here and our kids grow up in this society.We are part of our local communities.. Giving back to our local communities also benefits us as citizens of our communities.

2.The nonprofit industry is a multi-million dollar industry in the US and Canada. In order to raise significant money from hig end donors etc, we need to demonstrate that , as an organization, we are doing charitable work here. We need to compile annual reports of our activities. This will make grant writing and fundraising much easier. We will be able to raise enough money for projects that will benefit our members here (upcoming SOBA America assistance program) as well as students of SJC Sasse.

On August 10th, 2019, SOBA Carolinas, led by President Ngale Ndiva Mongoh and COO Tom Ashu, volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank in Charlotte, NC. Members worked with the staff to sort our and package food items that will go to feed the hungry in our community. According to Mr. Jim Thomas, Second Harvest Food bank Warehouse Manager, the work that members of SOBA Carolinas did during their volunteer activity will help feed between 600 to 700 families in the Carolinas. He thanked SOBA Carolinas for giving back to the community through volunteer service.