SOBA Dallas was founded in early 1995 as one of the first five chapters of SOBA America. Its pioneer president was Soban Cornelius Ndemba. After hosting the National Convention of May 1998, SOBA Dallas gradually lost momentum and eventually faded. In late 2005, a core group of Sobans living in the DFW metroplex led by Dr. Henry Simo, decided to re-launch SOBA Dallas. Some of these Sobans were Edwin~Daniel Ndoko, Dr. Francis Njie, Dr. Henry Njie, Mr. Sona Elonge, and Mr. Frederick Itoe.

Ever since, SOBA Dallas has grown from its original seven members to over twenty-three active members. SOBA Dallas eventually hosted the National convention in May 2011 and a Mini-Convention in November 2013. In many ways SOBA Dallas has reinvented and established itself as one of the most dynamic, innovative and pacesetting chapters of SOBA America over the past five years.

SOBA Dallas has successfully attracted and retained the attendance of Sobans from before 1970 to those who graduated within the last 10 years ago. Bridging the gap between the old and the young is not just a slogan but a reality in Dallas. We have members as young as 23 years old of age and of ages across the spectrum. We pride ourselves in locating new Sobans who move into town and welcoming them to our meetings.

SOBA Dallas has forged strong relationships and collaboration with our local community as well as other alumni associations.


  1. To promote unity and solidarity amongst its members and members of SOBA America;
  2. To promote channels of communication with SOBANS in other parts of the world;
  3. To explore ways and means of helping members of SOBA Dallas;
  4. To explore ways and means of aiding our alma mater;
  5. To maintain a sense of attachment to Sasse College and to reinforce the prestige of the same;
  6. To be generally concerned with anything relating to the development of Sasse College.
  7. To create an atmosphere where Sobans locally and worldwide can network and engage in joined ventures, which can be mutually beneficial to both or all parties.

Executive Officers

President : Paul Forbang
Tel#: 813-793-1836
Vice President : Valery Elad
Tel#: 817-874-9044
Secretary General: Brian Njotsa
Tel#: 571-635-2432
Treasurer : Moses Sona
Tel#: 469-441-9160
Financial Secretary: Sylvester Forzi
Tel#: 469-939-3339
Publicity Secretary: Emmanuel Bate
Tel#: 614-330-4600
Chief Whip1: Edwin Ndoko
Chief Whip 2: Thaddy Nunge
Tel#: 786-282-0799
Senior Adviser 1: Larry Ekaney
Tel#: 301-442-7176
Senior Adviser 2: Dr. Francis Njie
Tel#: 713-253-5115
Senior Adviser 3: Dr. Henry Simo
Tel#: 405-812-1227
Spiritual Guide 1: Father Desmond Ndikum
Tel#: 469-422-4193
Spiritual Guide 2: Minister Edimo Ivo
Tel#: 571-315-4595


Our meetings are held once every month on the Sunday before the last Sunday of the month at 5pm. We host meetings on a rotating calendar where meeting dates for the next two years are chosen in a random draw (see pics).


Family Christmas party (love fest): SOBA Dallas adopted a version of a love fest December party from a sister chapter.  It has been going on since 2012. SOBA Dallas meets each December and Sobans give gifts to their spouses or significant others. Each Soban has to take turns talking about their wife, appreciating her and giving her a surprise gift. This is followed by an all-night party. Our guests and regular donors are also part of the events. (See pictures of last event)

Bi-annual family barbecue: SOBA Dallas members, their spouses, relatives, kids and close friends get together twice a year for a barbecue. This was instituted so that families could get to know each other better. Kids, spouses and significant others get to meet and interact. This has helped built a strong bond among all our families, making us all one big strong family. (see pics)

“Born House” (Child Birth): SOBA Dallas visits each Soban who is blessed with a newly born. We do donations and gifts per our bylaws. A check is issued by SOBA Dallas to the Sobanese of the house.

Death Benefits: We offer local death benefits to Sobans and their family members. In the event of a loss covered by our bylaws, each member pays a minimum of a 100$ towards the death benefits fund. A check is issued to the family at the end of the drive.

Enrichment: We have a segment of each meeting dedicated to members or guest doing a presentation on issues, which could be beneficial to the group. Some past topics have included tax presentations, insurance presentations, discounted products in the market and sales of a wide range of equipment.

Community Service: Volunteering time and money to serve our local community in different capacities. We offered a Cameroonian lady a motorized wheel chair worth 5000$(five thousand US Dollars). This lady had no family to assist her in the US and had just arrived the US last year (2014) before loosing her mobility. A check of $200.00(two hundred dollars) was also issued. Some of our members volunteered time to assist her with therapy.


Lifetime Achievement award- Pa Ngando: Pa Ngando was honored with a lifetime achievement award for over 20 years of service to S.J.C Sasse and made an honorary chair of SOBA Dallas for life during the 2011 National Convention in Dallas (see pics).

Sobanese of the year award: Any Sobanese(s) who has/have gone out of their way over the year to exemplify the best of a Sobanese spirit is/are recognized and given a gift paid for by SOBA Dallas. This helps recognize some of our most unsung heroes, our spouses or significant others (See picture of our past recipients).

Gifts to S.J.C

Sports equipment gift to SJC: SOBA Dallas as a chapter works to give back to SJC Sasse. We awarded a sports gift package to SJC worth about 2800$. The package consisted of soccer jerseys, balls, gloves and other sports attires with SJC logos and SOBA Dallas logos. This was handed to S.J.C in a ceremony on campus by Mola Edwin Ndoko to Father  Peter Nouck (See pics/video).

Recent Notable Guests

Hosted Bishop of Buea: During the last visit of the proprietor of SJC Sasse, Bishop Immanuel Bushu, SOBA Dallas made sure that His Lordship had the best of times in Dallas. We picked him (plus Fr Cajetan) up at the airport, helped coordinate all his activities including his meetings with community members, celebration of mass, organization of a sumptuous dinner in his honor etc. At the end of his trip, we safely dropped him off at the bus terminal for his trip to Houston (see pics).

Hosted Bishop Nkea: We had lunch hosted by Soban Tony Atabong for the Bishop at his beautiful residence. He granted us a lengthy audience and gave us an inside into the difficulties his diocese faces in running schools.

Completed Projects

SOBA Dallas 2012 Suits project: SOBA Dallas embarked on a suits project to ensure that all its members had SOBA Dallas suits with our logo. By December 2012, this vision became a reality. SOBA Dallas became the first chapter to provide SOBA suits to all its 16 active members. SOBA Dallas is the only chapter where all its 18 members ordered the new SOBA America suits (See pic).

SOBA Dallas Polo shirts: With the difficulty of appearing at all events in SOBA Dallas suits, SOBA Dallas opted for Polo shirts for less formal events. These shirts were evident at the 2014 convention deliberations in Minnesota.  All SOBA Dallas members appeared dressed in same polo shirts with SOBA and SOBA Dallas logos. It was a first at a national convention (see pics).

Current project

Group investment project: SOBA Dallas is working as a social group to carry out a joint investment Clinic project by interested members in Cameroon. It has been ongoing for the past year. Sobans don’t need to get together only for Sasse, but should work together and help each other better their lives.

Conventions and Mini Conventions

1998 National Convention: Dallas was the proud host of the 1998 Convention which helped cement the seeds of the new chapter in Dallas. During that memorable event, one of the main organizers, Grand Joe Mahop, was blessed with a baby on the same day the convention started. We could not have had more drama in our preparation. However, other Sobans and visiting Sobans stepped in to make it a memorable convention.

2011 National Convention: This was an election year convention. There was a lot of lobbying and campaigning. We had a strong delegation from Atlanta and Houston vying for SOBA America’s leadership. At the end of day, it all culminated in the Election of president Beltus Ntopi as the president of SOBA America. This convention was hosted at a single location, Blue Cypress Hotel. Our deliberations, gala and accommodation were all in the same venue. It was one convention for the ages. Our guest of honor Pa Ngando received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding service and dedication to S.J.C Sasse. He was made an Honorary Chair for life of SOBA Dallas (see pics).

2013 Mini Convention: Dallas hosted the most attended Mini Convention in SOBA America’s 25-year history. There were more than 45 visiting Sobans in attendance. The 2013 mini convention raised a net profit of over $8000 (eight thousand dollars). It was a great show! Most Sobans who attended it would tell you it was not different from a national convention. SOBA Dallas demonstrated how mini conventions can be used as an asset by different chapters (see pics).

SOBA Dallas is consistently represented by an average of ten or more members at all national and mini conventions over the past 4 years.