New England

SOBA New England is one of the pioneer chapters that played a vital role in the formation of SOBA USA which is today known as SOBA AMERICA. Our goal is to bring our brothers together to raise the flag of our Alma Mata, as well as to advance the frontier of St Joseph’s College Sasse. We are all committed in making our Alma Mata even better by supporting and delivering services that will enhance the growth and development of Sasse, as well as to foster Peace, Unity, and Progress amongst all SOBANS. That is what we stand for, as we aspire to be one of the best chapters in our union.


Our mission as a Chapter is to promote academic, social and cultural atmosphere amongst sobans, foster unity and brotherliness amongst ourselves. We aim to cooperate with other organizations, civic groups and fraternities in matters of common interest-organizational, cultural or socially to maintain our reputation and integrity, but respecting diversity.


New England is in the Northeastern region of the United States, which comprises six states: Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Our founders, crafted this wide area to make it possible for all sobans who lived in the North East, to commune as one and share in our common heritage.

Though our chapter covers this wide area, most of our members live in the state of Massachusetts, in bordering towns to our main city, and capital Boston. These towns include, Lawrence, Methuen, Haverhill, and Fitchburg, to mention a few.

Our numbers have been fluctuating in the past years, but we are strong and indivisible. As of now, we have twenty active members, of which seven of them are president club members. We hope to increase our membership as new members have started knocking at our doors lately.


As per our bye-laws, New England Chapter meets once a month, on the last Sunday of every month. During these meetings, discussions are centered on matters related to St. Joseph’s College Sasse, our New England members, as well as other civic groups that are affiliated to us in one way or the other.


To foster our union and families, we have a family come together every August in which families come together to socialize and know one another better for posterity. We also have a traditional end of year party at the end of every year in which SOBAN friends, and well-wishers come together to usher in the New Year.

As a close knit chapter, to enforce unity among members, we have benefits incase there is a birth, graduation, moving out of state or a death in a family. A financial donation is made to that effect either from our coffers or from members to support that family. In other cases that need some support, a fund drive is held to that effect.


As a mother chapter, SOBA New England is striving to improve the quality of life in St Joseph’s College Sasse, by increasing the efficiency of existing structures, as well as promoting individual student’s excellence. Two years ago, Soba New England donated a projector/screen to Sasse to facilitate the teaching and learning process of our brothers and sons back in Sasse College. We are presently looking for avenues to improve the quality of life of students in Sasse. Thanks to some of our New England members who have sponsored projects in Sasse to promote academic excellence. For now, this is what SOBA New England is working on, as we look forward to new projects in future.