Founded in 2011, Soba Tristate is one of the most unique chapters in the Soba America family in the United States.

  1. it comprises of sobans in the US, as well as part of Canada.
  2. Its membership circle includes Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York and the lower region of the Canadian Province of Ontario.

After an absence of over 25 years of any structured Soban representation in these regions of the US and Canada, resident Sobans of these regions brainstormed at length and finally agreed to partner together to form what is today called Soba Tristate.

Like any new structured organization it faced and dealt with its own problems of self-consolidation, sustainability and stability.

Our uniqueness is also evidenced by the fact that our wives (sobaneses) play active roles in our activities and chapter meetings. They are active members of the chapter, attend our regular meetings and do frequently provide positive feedback as needed.

Although the dynamics appeared quite challenging in the beginning because of the members residing in different states, it was agreed upon to have conference calls and quarterly meetings and review the possibility of increasing the frequency of meetings as needed with the growth and stability of the chapter.


The chapter originally was formed with a narrow active membership of 5 during the first year and at present membership stands at 17.
Goals: The original goal was to foster brotherhood and unity amongst members that reside in these regions. It was a loose and non-structured body with a fluid concept, no by-laws, no constitution. Subsequently the organization, after self- examination reached out to the then national President of Soba America Mr. Beltus Ntopi who visited and baptized it as a full and active Chapter of Soba America.


  1. Two years after our inception the Soba Tristate chapter successfully hosted the National convention.
  2. The chapter successfully held our members in unity with an active rotating contribution (Njangi) that members look forward to at the end of every month. This has served as a good instrument in fanning and keeping the cohesion of members within the group.
  3. A Special Sasse 75th Anniversary celebration sponsored by Sobaneses before the official celebration in Cameroon.

Current Executive:

President: Emmanuel Vekima

Vice President: Alphonse Ekole

Treasurer: Victor Mensah

Secretary: Julius Wakam

Public Relations Officer: Francis Orume