SOBA Houston is one of the cornerstone chapters of SOBA America with two of the founding fathers as its members: Dr. Nicholas Enow, and Mr. Dan Mofor. We are also proud to be hosting our SOBAN brothers during the 2016 SOBA National Convention.


Since the beginning, SOBA Houston has been a solid contributor to all things SOBA. For the past few years, we have been steadily growing our membership and we are recognized as one of the elite organizations both in Houston and SOBA America.


Our chapter includes SOBANS from the Houston, Texas Metro area, and its surroundings. Houston, the fourth largest city in the USA, is home to many ex-Sasse students and is renowned for its world famous barbecue and Southern hospitality.


Our vision is to keep growing our membership and to continue to provide SOBA Houston & SOBA USA with the financial resources and the talent to evolve to the next level. Some of the values that we hold dear are:

  • Family: Our family is of paramount importance to each one of us. SOBANESE, as we fondly call our better halves, are the very foundation of SOBA Houston, the glue which keeps us together. Our wives and children are very involved in our meetings and activities, and are a big part of our success as a chapter.
  • Faith: SOBA Houston has taken a very active role in the local Cameroonian Catholic Church with a commitment to sing a Latin Mass twice a year: during the St. Joseph’s Feast Day, and in support of OPSA-Houston. The SOBA Houston Choir has an open invitation from the leaders of the Cameroonian Catholic Community Church, and we are proud that we not only represent SOBANS in our community, but in our Church as well.
  • Friendship: SOBA Houston members are a close-knit brotherhood and an integral part of our community. We pride ourselves on our commitment to supporting and serving each other, and on being our brother’s keeper in good times and in bad.
  • Leadership: Our members are leaders in several other Cameroonian cultural groups and are actively involved with other organizations such as CAMCOH, SHESANS, OPSANS, BOBANS, and SAKERETTES. Maintaining good relationships with other like-minded organizations sets SOBA Houston apart in the Houston community as a whole.

Upcoming Events

SOBA Houston is hosting the 2016 SOBA National Convention. After the first class reception that SOBANS received during the last convention in Montreal, Canada, we realize that the bar has been set very high, but we are confident that we can meet your expectations. SOBA Houston would like to welcome each and every SOBAN to Houston for a great time on Memorial Day Weekend 2016.