Soba Georgia – The Mother of Soba-America (Sasse Alumni in the USA)

Although graduates from St. Joseph’s College Sasse have been traveling the world since 1939, it was not until the year 1990 A.D. that a group of Sobans residing in the USA decided to create an alumni association. This camaraderie of fine young men led by the indefatigable Quintus Eno all lived in the great State of Georgia. That decision be them to start a Soba chapter in North America marked the birth of this distinguished alumni network in these parts of the world. Unbeknownst to them at that time, their efforts unleashed a momentum which has today snowballed into the most vibrant of African alumni networks in the world.

Soba Georgia has not merely existed for the past twenty-five years but it has occupied a central place in the hearts and minds of Sobans all over the world. Soba-Georgia has hosted many of the previous conventions and meetings of all Sobans in North America. It was in Soba-Georgia that some of the most important decisions were made such as the computerization of Sasse College, the water project and the supply of sports equipment among others. There is therefore no doubt that Sobans in Georgia have exhibited great leadership in the organization and used their position to make a difference in the lives of students who are currently attending the college. The most recently retired Soba-America president Mr. Beltus Ntopi who served two terms was previously the chapter president of Soba Georgia.

As the oldest chapter of all Soba-America chapters in North America, Soba-Georgia has also demonstrated Quaerens (charity) towards other Sobans. Regularly Sobans in the Georgia area experience significant family events such as marriages, births and workplace promotions. During such circumstances, Sobans in Georgia have always made donations and been physically present to mark such memorable moments. But the charity and largesse of Sobans in Georgia extend beyond the borders of this state. Georgia Sobans provide support by contributing financially and otherwise to others who are bereaved. In fact, Soban medical doctors and attorneys in Georgia have conducted pro bono clinics on varying topics such as durable power of attorney, wills, estate planning, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

The impact of Soba-Georgia in the local community has been felt in many areas. Sobans annually volunteer their services with MedShare a non-profit entity which sends medical supplies to countries in the global south. Sobans in Georgia have always provided financial donations to the annual Cameroonian cultural and park events. Sobans attend and support fundraising efforts by other sister institutions such as Sakerettes, Opsans, Lesans, Birocol etc. Every Christmas eve for the past 25 years, Sobans in Georgia have hosted an annual gala to entertain and support their alma mater.

In 2017 all Sobans in North America will return to the mother chapter for a groundbreaking convention. As always, Soba-Georgia has started plans to make the May 2017 Convention a fundraising bonanza for the organization. The membership of Soba-Georgia today stands at roughly 50 with over 25 active. Soban wives have joined their husbands by creating a support group to execute the mission of Sobans.

Leadership of Soba-Georgia 2015-2017

  1. President: Dr. Akoh, H. Asa’na
  2. Vice President: Mr. Richard Ebai
  3. Secretary General: Mr. Emmanuel Tange
  4. Treasurer: Mr. Ewongkeng Fonkeng
  5. Financial Secretary: Mr. Benjamin Ntoko
  6. Publicity Secretary: Mr. Nakande Beltus