Sick Bay/ Victor Anomah Ngu Health Center Assistance

DSCN4492 The health of students is very important. Over the past several years, SOBA America has partnered with SOBA UK to address the issue of poor access to healthcare for the students of Sasse College. The Sick Bay project that was aimed at revamping the old, dilapidated sick bay was spearheaded by SOBA UK. SOBA America played a significant role by contributing funds towards the project. SOBA America has also contributed supplies and equipment to replace the outdated supplies and equipment in the sick bay. The sick bay was recently named the Victor Anomah Ngu Health Center, in honor of the late SOBAN Professor Victor Anomah Ngu whose work in healthcare and clinical research was pioneering and highly commendable.

We still have a lot of work to do. The building of a new sick bay has stalled. We still have outdated equipment and a dangerous shortage of basic and critical supplies needed for the sick bay to meet the healthcare needs of the students. SOBA America will focus primarily on helping out with basic equipment and supplies including medication that are a critical need. We will continue to work with SOBA UK and Sasse College authorities on the building project.

Please click on the DONATE tab now to make your tax-deductible gift towards this sick bay/Victor Anomah Ngu Health Center initiative. Your gift will go a long way towards helping a young child get badly needed healthcare. Your gift will help save a life.