Scholarship Endowment Fund

          As the cost of secondary education gets higher and higher despite increasing poverty in Cameroon, many families are left with the tough decision that no parent should have to make – Can I afford to send my son to school or should he stay home so I can feed my […]

SOBA America Sponsorship Fund (SASF)

A brainchild of former Soba America President Beltus Ntopi, the Soba America Sponsorship Fund (SASF) was officially launched in May, 2012, during the convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Its main mission is to indirectly alleviate poverty via sponsorship of orphans and/or children from financially poor background through Sasse by mobilizing the power of its alumni volunteers […]

I remember when SOBANS…

I remember when SOBANS from America came to hand over the water project. We did not have any running water in Sasse. Thanks to SOBA America, we were able to take showers, wash our clothes and live like normal people.

Thanks to SOBANS in America…

Thanks to SOBANS in America, I was able to graduate from Sasse. My parents had trouble paying my school fees and I was about to be kicked out from school, until the SOBA America scholarship saved me. Thank you SOBA America.