Water Project

DSC_0388P191011_14.140001During the 1990s the population of Sasse increased two folds and so did the population of the surrounding villages of Tole, Biyoko and Small Soppo. Not enough water was getting to Sasse after the villages below made use of it. For the first time in its 55 years history there was water shortage in Sasse.

Soba America took up the challenge to provide Sasse with the water it needed. Henry Efamba, a civil engineer was selected to lead the project. He travelled to Cameroon and identified the problem and reported back to Soba America. The solution was to install new bigger pipes from the catchment basin in Woteke to Sasse. More than $30,000 was raised by Soba America and we were able to re-pipe the system to bring water back to Sasse.