SOBA formally launches fundraising for the Sasse Road Project

SOBA President General – President Ayuk Pride Iyok – formally launched the fundraising portion of the SJC Sasse Road project at an event in Limbe Cameroon on Saturday August 28th, 2021. The event was widely attended by SOBANS and friends of SOBA, and was live streamed on Zoom. During the fundraiser, President Iyok stressed the […]

SOBA Carolinas gives back to the community through public service – Members volunteer at food bank

 Under President Ndiva Mongoh’s leadership, SOBA Carolinas has heeded the call to serve. When the Fote administration challenged all chapters to give back to our communities through community service at least once a year, SOBA Carolinas stood up and took the lead. In 2019, the chapter launched its annual SOBA Carolinas Day. This was a […]

NLT meets with SJC Sasse Proprietor – Bishop Michael Bibi

On Wednesday June 28th, 2021, President Fote and First Lady Laura hosted a dinner in honor of SJC Sasse Proprietor, Bishop Michael Bibi, at their residence in Waxhaw, NC. Members of SOBA Carolina as well as some community members were present at the dinner. After a delicious dinner which featured some fine Cameroonian delicacies, the […]