IT Project

This started out originally as a Soba America project to put Sasse into the technology age after Dr. Ebie started the computer lab. Buea Diocese joined in the project to provide internet to the entire Diocese. Dr. Enongene was Soba America’s lead on the project and Valentine Itor was the resident engineer in Sasse. Dr. […]

Water Project

During the 1990s the population of Sasse increased two folds and so did the population of the surrounding villages of Tole, Biyoko and Small Soppo. Not enough water was getting to Sasse after the villages below made use of it. For the first time in its 55 years history there was water shortage in Sasse. […]

Marching Band Project

On the same day that the Geremiah Mba Ebie Memorial Computer Laboratory was being commissioned, then Soba USA president, Dr. Nick Enow was in Sasse to present the college with a 45 piece set of marching band and laboratory equipment from Soba USA. The marching band helped Sasse to continue to maintain its position as […]

Geremiah Mba Ebie Memorial Computer Laboratory

Dr. Nyambi Ebie, a Chicago based physician of the 1965 class conceived the initiative to bring computers into Sasse as early as 1985. It was not until 1993 following the creation of Soba USA, now Soba America that he was able to realize the project. With six new color monitor computer, two laser jet printers […]